About this web site

Project Title: Ensuring global environmental concerns and best practices mainstreamed in the rapid development process of Sri Lanka though improved information management

Background to the Project:

The project agreement for “Global Environmental and best practices mainstreamed in the rapid development process of Sri Lanka” was signed between the UNDP and the Ministry of Disaster Management in Nov. 2015. The principal implementing partner of the project is the Ministry of Disaster Management. The key partners of the project are the Ministries of Environment / Land / Digital Infrastructure. The project will embrace data needs for implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SGD) and Cop21 (Agenda 2030, Paris Agreement) requirements where it overlaps with data needs for implementation of Rio conventions. The goal of this project was to strengthen data and information management and other support systems that contribute to policy development and improved implementation of the Conventions. To this end, the project focused on improved access to environmental data and information as a basis for strengthened national and sub-national developmental planning, building on the high level of political patronage for a greener and improved environment in Sri Lanka. The project’s objective is to enhance the institutional and technical capacity of relevant stakeholders to support policy analysis, development planning and monitoring related to post-conflict development and implementation of the Rio Conventions and other Multilateral Environmental Agreements. The expected outcome of this project was that best practices and innovative approaches to data and information management are available and implemented into national development policies and programmes which will ultimately aid in Rio Convention implementation. This outcome is disaggregated into two project components:

  • Component 1: Data and information management system
  • Component 2: Improved capacity to use data for planning, monitoring and decision-making

The Conventions focused under the project are:

  1. Convention of Biological Diversity
  2. United Nation Convention to combat Desertification
  3. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
  4. Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction

The component 1, resulted in the MetaData Portal where all stakeholders are to upload meta data into this website, hence bringing out descriptions of data that are available with the mandated agencies (maintaining a data catalogue). The users are free to view the available types of data and request the agency for the original data sheets. Though the meta data collected was based on the above conventions, the agencies have the freedom to advertise or bring out other meta data that is being collected at the agency. In addition to the above, the agencies/departments can upload original data sets which are open to the public. This will help researchers, NGOs, public and other agencies to find the responsible party of the required data set.