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The was implemented by the Ministry of Disaster Management having key partners as the Ministry of Environment and Mahaveli Development, Ministry of Land and Ministry of Digital Infrastructure from 2016-2018. This project aims to strengthen data and information management and other support systems that contribute to policy development and improved implementation of the ratified above conventions. To this end, the project will focus on improved access to environmental data and information as a basis for strengthened national and sub-national developmental planning, building on the high level of political patronage for a greener and improved environment in Sri Lanka. The expected outcome of this project is that best practices and innovative approaches to data and information management are available and implemented into national development policies and programmes which will ultimately aid in Rio Convention and SFDRR implementation.

Brief Description of the MDP:

Under the DATA Project this platform was created to facilitate access to data and metadata of 3 Rio Conventions and SFDRR. Hence, making this a pilot project (platform) to strengthen other data portals in Sri Lanka which will eventually improve the reporting process and ‘evidence-based decision making’ culture of policy makers and planners. The main features of the platform are the metadata catalogue, publicly available data-sets and data process mapping of the relevant departments and agencies. Metadata Catalogue displaying metadata from various departments, will assist users to search the needed data-set and contact the relevant department to obtain the it. It also provides a rating to system to improve and inquire from the departments and data collectors for any queries.

Project Goal (Mission)

MDP aims to strengthen information management and other support systems that contribute to policy development and improved implementation of the three Rio Conventions and SFDRR Objective (Vision) This project is dedicated to enhance the institutional and technical capacity of relevant stakeholders to support policy analysis, development planning and monitoring related to development and implementation of the Rio Conventions, SFDRR and other Multilateral Environmental Agreements.

Comparison of data and metadata

Data Metadata
Contains a set of values scientifically collected in relevant parameters and units Contains information describing the data-set produced by a data generator
Contains data which can directly be used for reporting and analysis The user has to request the data-set described, from the relevant agency in order to use/view the data
Eg: Daily Rainfall of Colombo 100mm on 25th April 2019 Eg: Daily Rainfall of Colombo for 25th April 2019, collected by Meteorological Department