Following the heritage at striving “Not to let a drop at rain water flow in to the sea without first being used for the welfare at mankind”. 
(Parākramabāhu the Great :1123–1186)


Irrigation department will facilitate sustainable management and improve the land and water resources for food, livelihoods and environment under the frame work of government policies. 


Enhance the development and management of land and water resources towards the socio-economic development of Sri Lanka. Irrigation Department will plan out. Design, control and manage land and water resources to derive optimum benefits for Irrigated agriculture, Hydro power and Flood control by harmonizing the modern technologies and human resources.


The main objectives of the Irrigation department are:

  • Development of land and water resources for Irrigated agriculture, Hydro power, Flood control, Domestic use, Industrial use and Agriculture development.
  • Provision of Irrigation and drainage facilities for cultivable lands in Irrigation and drainage projects.
  • Alleviation of poverty of the rural farming community by increasing their farm income and raising their standard of living.
  • Management of Water for sustainable Agriculture.
  • Productivity enhancement of Land and Water in Major/ Medium Irrigation Schemes.
  • Integrated Water Resources Management and Participatory Management in Major /Medium Irrigation system


  • Preparation of Master plan for development of the different river basins for the optimum utilization of land and water resources.
  • Project formulation and detail designs of Irrigation, Hydro-power, Flood control and Reclamation Projects.
  • Construction of Irrigation and Settlement Projects for the conservation, diversion and distribution of water under gravity and lift Irrigation to new and existing lands for cultivation by farmers for food crop production.
  • Construction of Drainage, flood protection and salt water exclusion projects for the protection of cultivable land to enable the cultivation of such lands with rainfall for food crop production with minimized risk.
  • Operation, Maintenance, Improvements, Rehabilitation and Water Management for Medium and Major Gravity, Drainage and Lift Irrigation Projects.
  • Research in Hydraulics, Hydrology, Soil Mechanics, Engineering Geology, Geographic Information System (GIS), Engineering Materials and Land Use as applied to Water Resources Development Projects.
  • Human Resources Development for optimum utilization of Human Resources.
  • Operation and Maintenance of Financial Management System, Accounting, Reporting, Auditing Systems of Irrigation Department in accordance with the Financial Regulation of the Government of Sri Lanka.
  • Providing Consultancy Services to Government Departments, Statutory Boards/Corporation, public and private institutions and individuals; in the fields of Water Resources Development, Foundation Engineering, Quality Control of Earth work and Concrete, Hydraulic Model Testing and Land Use Planning